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The Message

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The Unsuitables

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Larissa Wilson

Anita worked with Kat's father, and is the only adult left in the world. She has a child's Heart Chakra, so did not get transported into the parrallel universe with the rest of the adults.

She's seen to be bossy and has no tolerance for children or childish behaviour.


Series OneEdit

The MessageEdit

Anita is first seen in the third episode of Series One, The Message, where she kidnaps Holly and threatens to blow up the place with her deadly chemistry, demanding that Kat, Reese, and Jordan to find her medical supplies. They have 2 hours to find her supplies or else they'll be poisoned. It is later revealed that she is a transplant patient, having her own heart switched with a 14-year-old's heart instead. However, her body is rejecting it regardless.

During her watch over a tied up Holly, it is found out that Anita has a fiance, Kyle, who was transported into the parallel universe. They are to be married in three weeks.

The UnsuitablesEdit

In episode eight of Series One, the Ranchers are told to come to the Imperial Institute for Science by Anita. There, they research to find a secret activation code for the Sparticle Project.