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Front/Outside View Of Bristol Hotel

Bristol is a main location in the Sparticle Mystery. The whole tribe lives there for a while, and then just the Ranchers until they depart for the Sparticle Project in the Hot Zone.


City HotelEdit

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The City Hotel is the Sparticles base (Later the Ranchers base) until the episode the Fallout.

City LibraryEdit

The City Library is only seen in the episode the Invasion when Reese goes to see an exhibition on the Sparticle Project.

Bristol UniversityEdit

The University is where Anita lives and where her, Doomsday Dora and Henry Barker (Kat's father) worked. It is first seen in The Message and then appears in The Unsuitables. It is mentioned at the end of The Water Rats with Anita asking the Ranchers to come there for the dictaphone for the door to the Sparticle Project.