Name Callum Wheeler
Age Under 15
Gender Male
Tribe *The Sheriffs
Series Information
First Appearance The Disappearance
Last Appearance The Quantum Nexus
Played By Jerome Holder

Callum Wheeler is a boy in The Sparticle Mystery. In the first half of Series one he is an enemy of the Sparticles but teams up with them in the second half of the series.

Callum is played by Jerome Holder.


Callum is first a big bully towards Reese naming her blondie but also holds a strong relationship with Kat after he kisses her in the last episode of series 1. He returns in series 2 and helps them in the quest. He is quite Humourous and gets annoyed quickly as we saw in the 1st and 2nd episodes in serise 1. he also dated kat series 1 came to an end .


Series oneEdit

The DisappearanceEdit

In the Disappearance Callum was at the mine when the Disappearance occoured and drove the others around for a while before stopping outside a supermarket, claiming he can now do "Anything I want. Anything." proceeding to touch Reeses head before Sadiq pushes him away. Callum is last seen outside Sadiq and Frankies house with a looting gang where he sees Sadiq in the window forcing Sadiq and the others to escape.

The InvasionEdit

Callum has formed a biker gang and his desgins on the City Hotel as the gang's new hang out. He befriends Kat as she might be useful to his succuss. However, Kat is on her own mission to find out what has caused the disappearance of all adults and encounters Reese at the City Library. Reese insists she can see the adults and feels she has found an ally in Kat. Meanwhile, inside the hotel, Holly is left wondering where her parents are. Debut: Holly  

The QuestEdit

Callum is seen walking down in a tunnel which has Sadiq and the crew exept for Frankie, Kat, Tia, Ami, and Liam. he says it's Survival Of The Fittest then he asks where's Kat he misses her. Jeffrey then uses the Luminite to scare off the gang.

The UnsuitablesEdit

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The Hot ZoneEdit

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The EmergencyEdit

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The Sparticle ProjectEdit

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Series twoEdit

The Stone HeadEdit

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The DecoderEdit

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The Peace CityEdit

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"Tribes do not steal from other Tribes."-Callum

"I am the law."-Callum