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Emily Sanderson plays [Reese] in the CBBC show and is amazing The Sparticle Mystery. She is age 15

She started in the sparticle mystery at the age of 10

Series 1:

Reece was exiled in the first few episodes following her ability to see into the adults dimension. The only person who believed her in these early stages was Kat. Her most notice le story lines in this series include: stopping the fairground ride, discovering doomsday Doras video and connecting herself to the sparticle project to bring back the adults

Series 2:

Her storyline continues. However she changes sides in the race to the Quantam Nexus in fear for re aligning the wrong dimension and wiping out the world of children. New noticeable characters in this series is serena who tells her something that gets herself through this ever changing world. We see her powers get stronger with her now be able to see lay lines and discover nearby sensitives as well as moving objects with her mind. She fails to break the Quantam Nexus resulting all the parents brought back as teenagers

Series 3:

Teen Queen Kylie has locked Reece and the sparticles up in the citidale. Reece finds a friend in fellow sensitive Aris. They discover new powers togethor and try to work out how to send the teen parents home. In series 3 episode 4 Reece meets yara who tells her about the comment of luminite passing over, reece explains about the dreams of the comet and her and Sadiq hatch a plan to send back all the teen parents in one false swoop. She and holodora discover they need 7 sensitives to stand on 7 different points when the comic passes over. However their plans are hindered when they loose a sensitive and Kylies neuroscrambler is turned on. In the end holly and Ernestos daughter is that 7th sensitive. They manage to send the teen parents home. It turns out they also get the parents back

unfortunatly there will not be another series but I think they should id do a special series called the finding where they all find there parents

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