Under 15 (Series 1)


First Appearance

The Unsuitables

Last Appearance

Series 3

Episode Count



Rat (Father)
Althea (Mother)
Holly (Girlfriend)

Kimmy (Daughter)

Played by

Gerran Howell

Ernesto is the leader of the Rebel and Freedom Four. In "The Unsuitables", he led the Rebels against The Manor Grove scholars. He returns in Series 2 with Callum when they overrun Peace City. He returns in Episodes 8 & 9 where it is revealed he doesn't want the adults back as he believes having them back will 'ruin their chances of a safer, more equal world'. He returns in Series 3 as a member of The Resistance and later joins The Sparticles. Ernesto and Holly's daughter, Kimmy, is born the series 3 episode "The Keeper. Whom they name after Holly's mum, Kim.

He is played by Gerran Howell.


Despite going to a posh, upper-class boarding school he insists on using a French accent, and enjoys using the phrase "Viva la Revolution!" He is shown to have some feelings for Holly. And later in Series 3 they are dating and expecting a child.


In Series 2 he wears a berre, a curly wig and camouflage gear, he later on (Series 3) ditches the wig but keeps the uniform.


The UnsuitablesEdit

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The Peace CityEdit

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The Stone of ArtosEdit

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The Silver ForestEdit

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The Quantum Nexus Edit

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The Neuroscrambler Edit

Ernesto rescues the Sparticles from a trap by the bounty hunters and helps them free Reese.

The Bounty Hunters Edit

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The Trading Post Edit

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The Comet Edit

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The Teen Father Edit

Ernesto finds out that the leader of The Resistance, Rat, is his teen dad after he meets his teen mum, Althea, and his infant self, who is currently called Alphonso. At the end of the episode Rat changes Alphonso's name to Ernesto. Saying that he agrees with Ernesto that Alphonso is a rubbish name and is naming his son after Ernesto.

The Wild Thing Edit

The Zone Edit

In this episode we find out that Holly is pregnant.

Trivia Edit

  • He is from a Upper - Class boarding school
  • He is dating Holly
  • His teen mother and father work for the resistance (Rat and Althea)
  • He fought in the teen wars
  • He and Holly are expecting a child.