Francessca 'Frankie'  is a member of the tribe The Sparticles and was a member of the Ranchers subgroup of it. She is best friends with Liam and Sadiq's younger half sister.

Frankie is played by Abbie Hayes.


Frankie is very cute and active and will do anything to get attention. She loves her half-brother Sadiq very much and enjoys the company of Tia, Jeff and particularly Liam.


In the first series she wore a hoodie with yellow, pink, green and brown on a white background, a black hairband. Under her hoodie she wore a t-shirt with sunglasses in the shape of two hearts, she wore blue jeans and runners.


Series oneEdit

The DisappearanceEdit

She is first seen in the Disappearance when Sadiq goes home when she is hiding in the kitchen with her babysitter Tia. She invites Reese to help put on Hawaiian pizza, thus starting a friendship. She goes to the City Hotel with Sadiq and the others. She is comforted by Sadiq when she is sad and is seen heading to the kitchen to get some Hot Chocolate.

The InvasionEdit

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The MessageEdit

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The QuestEdit

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The FunfairEdit

She is one of the Ranchers who stays behind at the hotel along with Liam, Jeffrey and Tia. After saying goodbye to the Questers, the mains water soon fails and Jeffrey and Tia leave to search for water telling Liam and Frankie to stay behind at the hotel. Before Tia and Jeffrey leave Frankie makes a bet with Tia, that if she finds a water source for the hotel that Tia will become her slave but Tia laughs this off.

As soon as Tia and Jeffrey are gone, Frankie and Liam leave to find the water pump. They do eventually find the pump, which Frankie makes work due to reading how to much to Liams amazement and they get water for the hotel. They come back with the water much to Tia's dismay and Tia becomes Frankies slave. Liam and Frankie return to the water pump for more water only to find another tribe have taken over it but they cant work the pump. Frankie strikes a bargin with the tribe leader that her tribe gets a 30% share in the profits of the pump.

Later, as Frankie is lounging having a depressed Tia do everything for her Liam convinces her to admit everything and cheer Tia up. They do this by getting her a solar camping shower and toiletries but she has to share the shower with their goat, Gretchen.

The Big FreezeEdit

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The Water RatsEdit

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The UnsuitablesEdit

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The HarvestEdit

(To be added)Frankie and Liam at the market and they saw Flora Her arms folded.

The FalloutEdit

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The Hot ZoneEdit

(To be added)Frankie check the bag but the dicaphone has gone missing. They go along with Callum. Her, Liam and Jeffery helping Callum go get out of the lock except Tia is not helping because she is useless. Since Tia's respondabillity to look after the dicaphone.

She gave a walkie talkie to Jeffery.

The Emergency Edit

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The Sparticle MysteryEdit

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Series twoEdit

The Stone HeadEdit

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The DecoderEdit

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The White HorseEdit

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  • She likes hot chocolate as revealed in the Disappearance.
  • She loves exploring with Liam.
  • She hates getting lost and being split up away from Sadiq.