Name Huen
Age Under 15
Gender Male
Tribe The Sparticles
Series Information
First Appearance The Peace City
Last Appearance The Stone and the Sword
Episode Count 3
Played By Finton Flynn

Huen first appears in The Peace City and is similar to Reese as he has special powers like her. Though at first he was just hitching a ride with the Sparticles he is aloud to join them in The Creature however is kicked out of the tribe for controlling Reese using his mind and blocking her memory the same way.


Huen has curly black hair and brown eyes. He is around Reeses height and he wears a sunhat, a striped t-shirt and a dark grey hoodie.



Series twoEdit

The Peace CityEdit

(To be added)Edit

The CreatureEdit

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The Stone and the SwordEdit

(To be added)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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