This picture is taken from Series 1 Episode 5 - The Funfair.
Name Jordan
Age under 12
Gender Male
Tribe The Sparticles
Series Information
First Appearance The Disappearance
Last Appearance The Sparticle Project
Episode Count 13
Played By Lestyn Darmanin

Jordan Slayer is Jeff's younger brother and is a member of the Sparticles, specifically the Questers subgroup. He later departs with Ami to France. He has a strong Welsh accent.

Jordan only appears in Series One, as he ended up going to Europe with Ami and Kat to shut down nuclear reactors everywhere.


Jordan is a caring and slightly over protective person as seen by looking after his brother even though his brother, (Jeffrey) is older than him he is still very protective over him. He is also a prankster and best friends with Ami.


Jordan first appeared when he was underground on a school trip with his Classmates.


Season oneEdit

The DisappearanceEdit

The first episode of the series introduces the characters and shows the disappearence of the over fifteen. In it, Jordan is first saw in a mine and with Sadiq, Reese, Ami and Callum. He stays with them when Callum leaves and introduces his brother  Jeffery.

The InvasionEdit

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The MessageEdit


The QuestEdit

On the quest jordan was chosen to go an help find the adults


The FunfairEdit

jordyn almost fainted from spinning to much, becoase the ride was going to fast! but Reese helped them , and the ghost girl.

Jordon goes on the abandoned funfair rides on a pit stop to the Spartical Project, on the quest to find the adults!

The Big FreezeEdit

they were trapped in the room, they all had to huddle to share body warmth , he read that ina survival book.

The Water RatsEdit

when they stopped to get fresh air for reese, ami got captured by the water rats so they all had to defeat them, when they were getting ready for war, they had to get all dirty so jordyn also put a lot of dirt on his face.

The UnsuitablesEdit

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The HarvestEdit

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The FalloutEdit

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The Hot ZoneEdit

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The EmergencyEdit

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The Sparticle ProjectEdit

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