Kimmy is the newborn daughter of Ernesto and Holly who appears in season 3. In "The Zone" we find out that Holly is expecting a baby and Kimmy is born at the end of the episode "The Keeper" but we only hear her cry. We get to see Kimmy in the next episode, "The Circle of Perpetual Thyme". In this episode the Sparticles discover that Kimmy is the final Sensitive.


Kimmy wears a camouflage baby grow and hat, which matches the camouflage gear that her dad wears throughout the show. She is also wrapped around a red blanket, which is a colour that her mum wears a lot.


Kimmy was named after Holly's mum, Kim, this may be due to how close Holly became to the teenage version of her mum.

Kimmy's name is only revealed at the end of "The Circle of Perpetual Thyme" when Holly and Ernesto are introducing the child to the adult Kim.

Her Sparticle powers only worked when she was held by The Keeper.

Kimmy only appeared in Series 3.

Kimmy was born in the lighthouse belonging to The Keeper. Ernesto and the teenage Kim were also present.

Kimmy's mind was nearly wiped in "The Circle of Perpetual Thyme" after the level on the Neuroscrambler was jammed at 11 by Holodora as a way of trying to get Kylie to switch off the machine. The machine was switched off by Fizzy who allied with the Sparticles due to how he was treated by his teen dad and his teen dad's comments on how Kimmy wouldn't feel a thing if her mind was blanked because of her infancy.

In "The Circle of Perpetual Thyme" Kimmy is called "my little Chi Chi" by Ernesto. This is a term of endearment that Ernesto also uses with Holly, whom he frequently called "my Chi Chi" throughout all 3 series of the show.

Three of Kimmy's grandparents-Rat (Ernesto's father), Althea (Ernesto's mother) and Kim- appear in series 3.

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