Name Megan Patters
Age Under 15
Gender Female
Tribe The Mystic Moles
Series Information
First Appearance The Sparticle Project
Last Appearance The Sparticle Project
Episode Count 1
Played By Amber Beattie

Megan Patters is the leader of the Mystic Moles, a tribe that lives in Black Tor Mine.


Megan at first seems openly cynical, manipulative, cold and protective of her tribe, to almost fanatical lengths. But it is later shown that she is clever and friendly and she was just trying to do what she thought was best for her tribe. Megan also missed her mum a lot she ran away from Tia and Callum becuase she was upset and angry that she would never see her mum again. Meg is extremely imaginative, able to make up a perfect story to the rest fo her tribe so that they would help her protect teh Sparticle Project. However, she becomes self-deluded over time and eventually becoming obsessed with keeping the Sparticle Project secret


Meghan has blonde hair she ties into ponytails. She wears a headdressing made out of foil, feathers and pipecleaners and she has painted her face. She also wears a checked blue shirt.


Series oneEdit

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

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