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The Featherheads (formerly) The Sparticles (formerly)

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The Decoder

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The Traders

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Lee Worswick

 Rocky Haynes is a character in the second series of the Sparticle Mystery. He Helps his Tribe reach the Quantam Nexus.


He first appeared in the museum


Rocky is sly and cunning he has a crush on Tia he has a similar attitude to Reese that Holly had he usually makes Tia laugh a lot making Jeff jealous he didn't know that they were a couple he saves Tia from a tomato outside the museum he misses his mum a lot he has good plans how to escape.


===Series two===very weird that the character disssapers

The DecoderEdit

(To be added)

The White HorseEdit

(To be added) Rocky fix the van bonnet, then he bought fresh tomatoes from the farm and they made a clown noise "Do Doo Dooo"

The Peace CityEdit

(To be added)

The CreatureEdit

(To be added)

The Stone and the SwordEdit

(To be added)

The TradersEdit

(To be added)


  • He has a similar attitude towards Reese that Holly had.
  • He has a Crush on Tia.
  • He tries to break up Jeffrey and Tia in order to have a relationship with Tia.

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