The Sparticle Project
The Sparticle Project
Name Sparticle Project
Location Black Tor Mine
Type of Location Particle Accelerator
Series Information
First Appearance The Sparticle Project
Last Appearance The Sparticle Project
Episode Count 1

The Sparticle project is a Particle accelerator built in Black Tor Mine in the Yorkshire Moors. It accelerates particles so that scientists could prove that sparticles and paralell dimensions existed. The experiments that took place in this facility lead to The Disappearance.



The Sparticle Project was built by scientists to prove other dimensions exist. However one scientist working on the project, Doomsday Dora knew that the lumminite in the mine would give the machine too much power, but no other scientists would believe her.

Series oneEdit

The DisappearanceEdit

It is first mentioned in the Disappearance when Reese sees a newspaper article at the hotel and tries to tell Sadiq about it but fails to do so.

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

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Behind the ScenesEdit

The set of the Sparticle project from the episode the Sparticle Project is located at the ISIS neutron accelorator at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.