The Sparticles are the main tribe in The Sparticle Mystery. Their leader is Sadiq. The Tribe's main task is the reallign the two dimesions, so they can bring the adults back.


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The Sparticle's were formed shortly after the disapearance of the adults, they all soon took refuge in the City Hotel. Their earlier tasks were defending the hotel from other people, such as Callum, and finding sources of energy and water. After finding out about Doomsday Dora's message they spilt the tribe into two. The first cadet branch was the Questers, who focused on finding The Sparticle Project, and comprised of: Sadiq, Kat, Ami, Jordan, Holly and Reese. The second cadet branch was the Ranchers, who stayed at the City Hotel, which comprised of: Tia, Jeffrey, Liam and Frankie. However, some other children took over the hotel and the Ranchers were forced to leave. By the end of Series 1, the two groups had formed together.

A year later, the tribe had been reduced to: Sadiq,