Name Tamsin Hurst
Age Under 15
Gender Female
Tribe Tamsin's Tribe
Series Information
First Appearance The Harvest
Last Appearance The Harvest
Episode Count 1
Played By Esme Winter Lockwood

Tamsin Hurst  is the leader of a tribe in the episode The Harvest. She is best Friends with Ross.


Tamsin is a friendly, cheerful, caring person whos willing to help people in need but is a strong firm leader when she needs to be. Tamsin is also very mature and sensible, since she always sees an alternative to things. Tamsin has a fierce temper at times, but for the most part she remains stubborn and self-controlled. She is very protective of her tribe.


Series oneEdit

The HarvestEdit

Her tribe farms for food in a farming village called Hope where she and her tribe lived with their parents before the Disappearance. The other kids help her farm and make thier own food and end up organizing a celebration. The Sparticles steal from the tribes celebratory feast, and she banishes them from the village.


  • It is possible Tamsin could speak Portugese or she was learning the language before the Disappearance.
  • Her parents were farmers.