The Neuroscrambler was the first episode of the third season of The Sparticle Mystery. It was first broadcast at 5:00pm on 5 January 2015 on the CBBC Channel and CBBC HD.

Synopsis Edit

After bringing the adults back as teenagers, Sadiq, Holly, Serena, Frankie and Reese have spent a year in the prison of Queen Kylie, who has made herself ruler of a world composed of children and teenagers both native to their own world and from the world Reese dragged them from. Will they escape from prison? And what has become of Ernesto?

Notes Edit

  • Beginning with this episode, in the credits, the characters/crew appear on the left while the actors with crewmembers appear on the right and appear and vanish rather than scroll up the centre like the previous season.
  • The sound effects from the opening titles are now heard in the credits.
  • Despite permiering in 2015, the episodes have a copyright date of 2014.

Trivia Edit

  • Ernesto no longer talks in his foreign accent.
  • Kim, Holly's mother, joins the Sparticles in this episode.
  • It is mentioned that the rest of the Sparticles Tribe are now working in a hospital, having made a deal with Queen Kylie. It is not made clear if this includes Kat, who went off to shut down the nuclear power stations, Muna, who was not a member of the Sparticles, Callum, who was a Sheriff and not a member of the Sparticles either, and Ami and Jordan, who went off to France.
  • First Appearance of Queen Kylie, Erimon and Aris.


  • For the entire episode, the Freakwency is spelt "frequency" in the subtitles.