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The Questers are a subgroup of the Sparticles. They consist of Sadiq, Kat, Reese, Ami, Jordan and Holly. This group travel to the Sparticle Project to bring back the adults. When they get there, they meet up with The Ranchers, but are unsuccessful in bringing back the adults.


Series oneEdit

The QuestEdit

The subgroup of the Sparticles forms at the end of the Quest due to a suggestion by Jeffrey.

The FunfairEdit

They set off on their journey at the start of the Funfair. They drive for an hour before stopping at a funfair on the outskirts of Bristol. Holly, Ami and Jordan go off to go on rides but tell Reese no so she goes on the ghost train with Sadiq, with Kat at the controls. Reese wadners off and sees Muna and runs out to a concerned Kat and Sadiq telling them shes seen a ghost. Meanwhile Holly, Ami and Jordan are at a booth called Physic Sarah and a prediction comes out saying 'Beware the glittering lights, they will lead you off your path' but it only gets mocked. Sadiq and Reese meanwhile explore a tent and find some lumminite before leaving the tent to find Kat and get the others so they can go. They find Holly, Ami and Jordan getting onto a ride with Kat telling them to stop, but they won't listen. The ride soon goes out of control, with Jordan passing out. Kat and Sadiq go to turn off the main power supply while Reese just stands there looking at the control booth. The ghost girl from earlier on suddenly appears and uses telekenieisis to turn the ride off just as Kat and Sadiq switch offthe funfairs supply. They then leave the park after getting a postcode from Pyshic Sarah which Doomsday Dora put in the machine.

The Big FreezeEdit

(To be added)

The Water RatsEdit

(To be added)

The UnsuitablesEdit

(To be added)

The HarvestEdit

(To be added)

The FalloutEdit

(To be added)

The Hot ZoneEdit

(To be added)

The EmergencyEdit

(To be added)

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

(To be added)


  • Kat
  • Sadiq
  • Reese
  • Holly
  • Ami
  • Jordan


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