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The Ranchers are a subgroup of the Sparticles in series one. They live in the City Hotel for most of the series, and the members are: Tia, Jeffrey, Liam and Frankie


Series oneEdit

The QuestEdit

The Ranchers form at the end of the episode the Quest due to Jeffrey suggesting the idea.

The FunfairEdit

In the Funfair, the Questers leave and the tribe soon sorts out chores much to Frankies disappointment. The water supply soon fails and the Ranchers set out to find a new supply. Tia and Jeffrey fail to secure a hydrant but Liam and Frankie, who are told to stay behind, go out and find a water pump but don't know another tribe is watching the two. This causes Tia to loose a bet so she has to tend to all of Frankies needs. Later Frankie and Liam return to the pump but find another tribe have taken over but cant make it work. Frankie then negociates a deal that she'll make it work but the Rahcers get a 30% share in the items gotten from the pump. Frankie is enjoying getting every need tended to but Tia has become sad so Frankie manages to get a solar camping shower and toiletries for Tia to have a shower but theres a catch - Tia has to share this shower with Gretchen, the tribes goat.

The Big FreezeEdit

(To be added)

The Water RatsEdit

(To be added)

The UnsuitablesEdit

(To be added)

The HarvestEdit

At the Swap Shop, Liam gives a girl who beggs some food and she later comes back to the City Hotel. She and a group of friends end up eating a cake from Liam made by Jeff for Tia. They end up inviting them to live in the City Hotel. 

The FalloutEdit

The Ranchers are finding that they've less supplies to trade with after the tribe of girls they inivited in during the previous episode are being lazy and refusing to do their fair share of work like they agreeed. Jeffrey and Tia eventually decide to leave the hotel despite Liam and Frankies protests. They leave the hotel but set some traps for the girls such as controlling the remote control cars, taking the lumminite meaning that theres no electricity, leaving rotting food all over the hotel and playing classical music all around the hotel. They watch this on a portable TV outside the hotel and then leave to find a place to stay.

The Hot ZoneEdit

(To be added)

The EmergencyEdit

(To be added)

The Sparticle ProjectEdit

(To be added)


  • Tia  (Joint leader)
  • Jeffrey  (Joint leader)
  • Liam
  • Frankie
  • Callum (Temporarily)


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