The Sheriffs
Name The Sheriffs
Founder(s) Callum
Leader(s) Callum
Type of Organisation Tribe
Intentions Control and Improve The New Society.
Enemies Dims
Series Information
First Appearance The Stone Head
Last Appearance The Quantum Nexus

The Sheriffs are a tribe in The Sparticle Mystery who appear in Series 2. They enforce the Three Laws. The Sheriffs have been known to help people not just enforce the law, this is because all the Sheriffs were called in to help people who suffered casualties at the Battle of Bluewater. The only seen member is Callum; an acquaintance of the Sheriffs is Tia. Currently there are over 3,000 individual members of the Sheriff Tribe.

The Three Laws. Edit

The Three Laws are not confirmed but from what we can gather they are:

  • Don't steal from any tribes. (Even your own).
  • No use of offensive weapons. (Knifes, Blades Etc).
  • Do not illegally imprison innocent tribes.

The people who signed the Sheriffs Three Laws will be guaranteed help from them.

Quotes Edit

Sadiq - "You Sheriffs are toothless tigers."

Callum - "I am the law."

Callum - "I'm Sheriff around here." (Callum's last line)