The Sparty Van
Sparty Van

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The Sparticles

First Appearance

The Quest

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The Sparticle Project

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The Sparty Van is an ex Police Transit Van used by The Questers to travel to the Sparticle Project. Sadiq drives it (very poorly).

When the Questers and Ranchers meet up again, they all use the van to travel to the Quantum Nexus, to try once more to bring back the adults.


The police logo is covered by graffiti and has banners and bunting. It also has a bird house on one of the doors It gains a sign from the Water Rats tribe at the end of The Water Rats. Theres a sofa on the rood of the van and is used by members of the tribe as seen in The Hot Zone. However by the second series the sofa has been replaced by a pool and green plants decorate the van.


The interior is decorated with stickers, dartboards, cushions and posters. There is also a hammock as seen in the Funfair.


It is used to be a police van as seen by the markings.