The Trading Post was the third episode of the third season of The Sparticle Mystery. It was broadcast at 5:00pm on 19 January 2015 on the CBBC Channel and CBBC HD.

Synopsis Edit

Stopping at a trading post for supplies, the Sparticles encounter another Sensitive. Can the Sparticles bring him to their side and evade the Bounty Hunters?

Errors Edit

  • Toward the end, when the Sparticles are around the camp fire when Serena tells Ernesto "you miss the Resistance", the subtitles read "you missed the Resistance".
  • In that same scene, when Ernesto is talking to Holly, when he says "this citadel mission", the subtitles instead read "this leyline mission".
  • In the preview for the next episode, when the Resistance leader says "little, little raid" the subtitles put up "little" only once.