The water pump is a pump in Bristol. The Ranchers get their water from the pump and hold shares in the pump.


The pump is located by the side of a church in Bristol along with a gherkin shaped fountain. The fountain had already dried up.


Series oneEdit

The FunfairEdit

In the Funfair the mains water supply fails due to the mains electricity failing in the last episode. Jeffery mentions that mains electricity pumps the water. Frankie reads about the pump in a guidebook to Bristol that was given to her by Reese before she departed to the Sparticle Project in the Sparty van. Tia and Jeffery head out to find a fire hydrant to get water and instruct Liam and Frankie to stay behind at the hotel. However they both ignore this instrcution and go off in search of the water pump Frankie had mentioned. Frankie starts water dousing and comes across the fountain and then they spot the pump. Frankie then pumps the water pump and water comes out into their containers. Unbeknowest to them another tribe is watching from behind some bushes. They return to the hotel with water while Tia and Jeffery return with dry containers as the nearest hydrant was taken over by another tribe which means that Tia has to be Frankies servant. Liam and Frankie return to the pump only to find it was taken over by the tribe that was spying on them earlier. Frankie negociates a deal with the leader, 'Happy Henry'. Liam later mentions they're getting a lot of items from the deal Frankie made.

The Water RatsEdit

Jeffrey wants to be able to go the pump to get water but cant due to his wheelchair but obtains a mobility scooter that he can attach a wagon for pulling the water back from the pump in the end. Liam and Frankie also mention they've made friends at the water pump.


  • The Ranchers having a share in the pump is similar to how people in real life have shares in companies.
  • It is possible that the pump was a tourist attraction before the Disappearance due to the fact Frankie read about it in a guidebook for Bristol.